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I had Lasik eye surgery with very good results. When you go in for the initial consultation they will test your eyes to determine if you are a surgery candidate.
The procedure itself is very safe, particular since the initial cut of the corneal flap can now be performed by a laser as well, rather than the surgical blade historically used. Using a laser to make the corneal flap cut is very accurate and reduces any chance of infection or complications.
I paid a total of $2900 or so two years ago. I consider it money well spent. My vision is now 20/15, better than I ever had with glasses.
The "halo effect" that n8tiveuit refers to is a temporary effect caused by the corneal flap being cut. The corneal flap will heal, and this effect goes away.


I just had Lasik surgery about 3 weeks ago. I see so clearly now. It's great!!!! They give you a valium about 30 minutes before the procedure and they put numbing drops in your eyes too. It doesn't hurt, but it's a little uncomfortable. I was more nervous than anything else, but all went well. The only part I didn't care for much was when the doctor put the speculum on my eyes to make my eyelids expand and also so I couldn't blink. That was probably the most "pain" I felt. After it was all done, my eyes were and still are very sensitive to light. They're also dry, so I have to use drops. They said it was "normal"


I work for a LASIK and cataract surgeon so I feel I can give you some advise.
The majority of complications associated with LASIK surgery involve the process of making the flap on the cornea. In LASIK there are two main methods for making the flap. One is with a devise called a microkeratome, which is basically a blade that is used to cut a flap in the cornea. The other devise is a femtosecond laser called Intralase that is used to make a flap.
It is proven that the Intralase system greatly reduses the accuracy of making the flap and the chances of any significant complications with the surgery.
So the main thing that I would recommend is going with a doctor that uses Intralase rather then a microkeratome. You should be able to find a doctor doing this in most major metropolitan areas.
And also don't settle for the bargain basement LASIK centers. In life, you get what you pay for. And do you really want to buy a surgery that's on sale?
Well good luck on your decision. LASIK is definately not for everyone, but it is amazing for those that qualify for it!


Well, you need to decide for yourself whether you think the risks outweigh the benefits. Don't be swayed by what people (even me) tell you is "right." It's good to be a little cautious. Your doctor will want to make sure that you are aware of all the risks before you do it. (I had to sign a waiver.)

Before I had it done, I read TONS of stories on the internet. You'll always find someone who is unhappy: not everyone is prepared for the fact that there is sometimes pain and that your eyes may not be "perfect" afterwards. Some common side effects:

Dry eye

I get the halos and dry eye, but, to me, those side effects are worth the benefits of improved (though not perfect) vision. You'll need to decide whether you would be comfortable with the same.

There have been cases of more serious side effects. You can minimize your risk of these my picking the best doctor you can find. Get a referral from your ophthalmologist; check to see what his/her reputation is.

Good luck!


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