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Laser eye surgery comments:

Most people see at20/20 almost immediately but some it takes longer. It can take up to a year for your eyes to adjust and most people have at least some fluctuations in that year. But most people have nearly perfect vision right away.


You'll need to wear your glasses (leave your contacts out) for two weeks prior to surgery (that's the FDA recommended waiting time for soft contact wearers -- it's longer for people with hard contacts of toric or RPG lenses). This is necessary because your contact lenses change the shape of your eye; you want your eyes to get back to normal before they start up that laser, otherwise they'd be doing surgery on a surface that's still changing!

As for getting the eyes done together or at different times...

These days, most people who have Lasik get both eyes done at once. If you have them done separately, you'll find that it isn't at all like when you take one lens out right now. As soon as the surgery is over, you'll start seeing an improvement, so the vision in your "corrected" eye and the vision in the other eye (with the contact lens) are going to be a lot closer than you think.

I got mine done 1 month apart because I was having PRK (which has a longer healing time) and they wanted to make sure that Eye #1 was responding well before doing Eye #2. For two weeks before the second surgery, I had to wear my glasses, so I just popped one lens out of the frame. It looked a little goofy but it was well worth it knowing I'd never have to wear those glasses or lenses again!

Other than that, there's not much prep involved until you get to the doctor's office and they give you some drops and maybe some medication.

Afterwards, there can be side effects, some more likely than others. Glare and halos are most common. It's also possible that your vision may not become "perfect" afterwards, and you have to accept that possibility. Mine isn't perfect, probably because my eyes were so horrible to begin with (-9) -- but I still consider this surgery the best thing I could ever have done for myself and my health! Do I get halos? Yes, at night, and I still say it's worth it! Pick a doctor who has a great reputation. Don't be afraid to Google him or her to look into his credentials.


A competent Lasik place should warn you and prepare you before your surgery. After mine, I had to put drops in them all the time because they were very dry. I couldn't open my eyes for 6 hours after the surgery so they could begin healing. I used rewetting drops they suggested for at least 3 months afterwards. And I do have a few problems at night with driving. The lights have tiny little halos and make it harder to drive (but I deal), and the red lights at the movie theater floor blind me (someone has to lead me down the steps after the movie). But overall i was super happy with the results and love it!!


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